"Ik mag toch wel neger zeggen, he?"

As a Dutch male with Surinamese roots, raised in a small village, I often had to deal with the word 'neger' (means 'negro' in Dutch). From childhood, I knew that this was a swear word. However, when people called me that, I often saw this as a nickname. For me, it was mainly about the intention with which people addressed me. The question: "I can say 'neger', right?" I often got it in many forms. I always found the answer complicated.

For this reason, I started to study the word 'neger'. During my research, I discovered that the word has many different interpretations for many different people. All articles that have given me a new perspective on the word 'neger' and the way of using it, have been bundled in this publication.

Each article is a reaction to the previous one and starts with the definition of the word 'neger'. This publication does not have to be read chronologically.